Benefits of a Camping Swag


Every person enjoys a good camp out. You get an opportunity to be one with nature and breathe fresh air away from the city smog. That noted not everyone wants to see the trees and shadows they make at night, it can be frightening. Apart from the fact that there are all types of insects crawling and flying around and the last thing you want is to wake up with a spider perched on your nose. So need you an easy way to make or build shelter in the wild. It may also rain and you don’t want to get wet as much as you love to look at the stars. This is where camp swag comes in.

First of all, a camp swag is easy to carry. Although it weighs about 8 kilograms if you put in your bed roll it makes just one pack to carry. You can put it in your car and carry it the short distance to your camp ground. Since you can put your sleeping bag and even a change of clothes inside the swag so it ensures you do not forget anything. Click here to read more!

Secondly, the swag from 4WD Supacentre has very good temperature management. When it is cold it keeps warm because swags are made with hard wearing poly cotton or cotton material which keeps out the cold. The fact that the bottom of the swag is reinforced with a foam mattress which make it a warm and cozy place it lay one’s head. When it is warmer like in the summer  time it is possible to keep cool because swags have great ventilation and the top cover can be folded up to increase it. Swags come with a netting that keeps out insects so if one wants to look at the stars in the summer. One can enjoy the beauty of the night sky without risking having insect bites all over their body.

When camping the most unpleasant part is setting up the tent.  There is nothing as bad as really needing to sleep or shelter from a drizzle and the tent does not cooperate. Swags solve this problem in less than two minute. Setting up a swag is quick and easy. Most swags need only two pegs and if you tie it to a tree or your truck you don’t require any. You simply unroll it and as your bed roll is inside you can immediately get to sleep. Learn more about camping at

Being made of durable hard wearing material, swags last long since they are made where the environment is much more unbearable. Apart from the durable material, they also have excellent stitching. The poles are made of airplane grade aluminum. The outlined elements above make swag conducive for every camping.


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